Enable teamwork function

When people could work together in the same and in the same project. It makes everything better. So if one of the developers read this. Please add it to Blender 2.8.

I agree that would be useful, but the networking of that would be quite challenging to make, as Blender 2.8 beta is only weeks away. It would be easier to add the feature in Blender 2.8x, or possibly 2.9.

If you’re talking about sharing resources between blend files for collaboration, that feature is already available. If you link a resource from another blend file, when somebody else edits it, it will synchronize the modification to that resource on your blend file. While not true working together on the same project, it’s what’s used on film productions with Blender for collaboration currently.

There was an addon in development to create that feature, but it seems to have been abandoned, is unstable, only works in Linux etc.

Anyways, hope this helps :slight_smile:

I think the verse addon was unlikely to happen due to the way Blender handled data before Copy On Write that has been done for 2.8 now. The Dependency Graph was the main issue.

You surely know that this is a massive proposal but it is one I would also like to see in the future. AFAIK Blender would be the first to actually implement something like that.