Eliminate duplicate commands

When Microsoft Windows was released in the 1980’s … for writing code … there were 50 ways to do something, and 50 ways to do something else, etc.

It was hard to learn, and it was hard to understand someone else’s code.

C# consolidated these commands so there is only 1 way to do something, etc. The duplication was eliminated.

This is currently the same with Blender. There are many ways to do everything … makes it hard to learn. The shortcuts add to the confusion.

It would be good if the Blender developers created Blender# and eliminated the duplicate commands.

Blender’s own Project Reunion, do you think?

Blender does not need to be .NET compatible. It would be good to simplify the commands! One menu item cuts, one menu item merges, etc. We select an object, then hit the correct menu item! :slight_smile:

If you look at that “Project Reunion” link, you might notice that Microsoft is still offering more different ways of doing things than Blender does.

Ironic for something called “Reunion”, don’t you think?

My advice is, avoid anything with “#” (or should that be “♯”?) on the end of its name …