EEVEE temporal antialiasing

Hey guys. Been working in EEVEE quite a bit lately. Spent a lot of time in Unity as well. For a long time, Unity suffered from the temporal popping of aliasing artifacts that EEVEE currently has. Unreal figured it out quite some time ago, and Unity did too finally with V2018.

Here are some EEVEE examples: (the links are keyed to the correct time of the video)

AFAICT, there is no solution to this problem with EEVEE. Does anyone have any insight into what it will take to fix it?

PS… Do others see this as a problem too? Is it possible it’s tied to some sort of normal rendering issue (normals not set correctly in the model?)

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I have experienced it, was caused by the animation nodes add-on in my case.

Thanks for sharing. I’m not using the animation nodes addon. Let me know if you find any other reasons.

It reminds me of fireflies issues: some samples are so different or just wrong that pixels change color, and when things move, the samples are more similar and pixels go back to reasonable. Have you tried playing with the Render > Film > Filter Size? No control over the function used to combine the samples, or any kind of limit to sample values, and it will blur with high numbers, but if that changes things, we have some idea of why.

For example shows white dots due to errors, yours seem to be more about tiny but strong highlights.

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