Eevee procedural textures quality

I have a question about procedural textures quality in Eevee.
I’m using material for surface curvature evaluation from 2.79, where it works beautifully. (checker map as a source texture in this case)
In 2.8, if you look at the attached pictures, it is very jagged in Eevee (in solid mode im unable to visualize the material). In cycles it looks correct - like in 2.79 solid mode.

My question - Can I do something to fix this? If not can I expect an improvement in the future?
This is crutial for me to be able to judge surface quality.
Thank you.


Your screenshot doesn’t show Eevee but LookDEV display. How does it look in Eevee ?


Both Eevee viewport and render.
I tought LookDev is the same thing as Eevee, only “rebranded”?

LookDev its eevee, at least until the last time i read about it.

I thought there were some slight differences between lookdev and eevee. Even if it’s eevee under the hood, since it’s clearly constrained with some specific settings I think there might be some differences. But maybe I’m wrong about that.

I tried to mimic your shader using today’s build, but I couldn’t reproduce your issue:

So maybe try to download the latest build and see what happens. It might just be a bug which has been fixed since then.

Also, by using the normal texture coordinates you “force” your checker texture to be jagged accordingly to your mesh density. Maybe it would be a better idea to use the generated coordinates instead?

Actually if you subdivide it more, (subds 4 or even 5)
it starts to be visible (comparison of cycles and eevee.
Thing is, in 2.79 it solid mode looked exactly like cycles in this regard.

I have to use normal input in this case, because Im evaluationg the geometry based on its normals.

Maybe some kind of smoothing with nodes would help, but I have no idea how to do that, will try.
Thank you