Eevee normal map and displacement antialiasing problem


I can’t figure out if there is a solution to the problem I have with eevee normals and displacement.
When using an image texture, everything looks nice, but using procedural textures for normal maps looks really bad. As I see it, there is no antialiasing done or something like that. Or is it something to do with how eevee interprets those textures?

Here is a test I made.
On the left is object with procedural texture used for normal map.
On the right is the same object with same material, but with the normal map baked to image texture.

Is that a bug or is it planned to address this issue in future?


It’s a known limitation at this point.

Eevee relies on graphics hardware to compute differentials for bump mapping, which is really fast but also poor quality for many procedural textures. They could be manually computed (at the cost of performance), but that’s not really a bug at the moment, more of a quality thing to improve in the future.

I see. Well, I completely understand the workload you have is huge, but this is kind of a big deal. I mostly try to use procedural textures, also the fact that a texture can be animated in time is super important, which is super hard to do with baked sequences, it’s slow also. I would be happy to have faster vievport without this feature you are talking about, but when rendering, I wouldn’t mind to wait a few seconds more if I get the needed result. I mean… eevee is already fast. For me eevee is basically useless without this and I am not saying that to be mean, it’s just a fact. I really hope someone will have time to fix this in future, thank you.


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