EEVEE Motion Blur Results

I just want to say Bra-freaking-O @Hypersomniac for the work you did on EEVEE’s motion blur in 2.9.

I know it’s just Alpha right now, but it’s “so choice”

Here’s a frame grab from an animation I’m working on.

Camera movement is in sync and tracking the rider only blurring the environment.

Rider and bike is blurred from their own directional motion independent of the camera since camera and rider objects are moving together.

Bike has multiple degrees of blur, changing from front to rear, while being whipped in front of rider; pivot point changes during a tail-whip, but it’s near the rear tire at this point in time.

Mesh deformation motion blur and directional blur is being applied to the rider.

Motion blur is being applied to the cloth simulation used on the Hoodie and jeans.

Volumetrics is also being used in the shot with no issues.

Probably so much more you can see going on, but again… OUT FREAKING STANDING!

Thank you so much for the work

I am happy it’s finally there but for me it’s been quite disappointing it only works in final render. There are tons more other accumulation effects in Eevee, like area light shadows, which easily work in viewport, not just final render. I don’t see any reason motion blur should be an exception :confused:

For the same reason that Cycles does not support motion blur in the viewport. It lacks some underlying structure to manage the motion data that is either accurate or fast.

It might come in the future but I have no time frame as to when.

Clément, have a nice day! When I use scene.frame_set() with the new 2.9 Eevee object motion blur, it seems that it takes in account only the current frame without a subframe for calculating the position center. Is there any chance it will use exact subframe as the starting point for the motion blur position in the future?

Create a bug report and we will fix this for 2.91.

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