EEVEE Minimal hardware planned?

I see videos on youtube with eevee running so smoothly but on my computer, a simple scene runs at about 2 FPS, I have not that much money to update my computer so what would be about a minimal hardware to run eevee smoothly, just so I can have a idea of how much money I have to spend.

My pc:

AMD A4 6300 - 2 cores 3.7 GHz (Overclocked to 3.9GHz, sometimes uninstable)
integrated AMD Randeon HD8370D 304 MHz (overclocked to ~830MHz, I’m mad)
8GB RAM DDR 3 (512MB shared to GPU)
A empty PCI-e socket
Windows 7

I think it’s too early to tell, since nothing is optimized yet. I can tell you some performances on my laptop though, it may help you since I have an entry level GPU.
I have a 740m, it was mid-low on the Nvidia range when it came out but should definitely be lower in the list now with the new generations.

I did a quick test animating the camera in the Wasp bot scene and I got 7-9 fps with full Eevee, 14-15 with just the lookdev hdri.
In the Forest file ( ) I get 16 fps with LookDev and 14 with Eevee lights.

If at this early state of development I get these results I think that you would have a decent performance with basically any pc with a dedicated GPU.

I don’t even have a GPU and I can generally explore 2.8 but whenever I add a node in Eevee it crashes on me so I hope that’s something that gets fixed. I was discussing this with someone and he said that when he enabled CUDA it fixed it, but I hope Blender doesn’t go GPU only.