Eevee light probes limitation? Changing environment

HI there.

I would like to ask if Eevee light probes can update themeselves over time in a situation like this:

I have a scene that has moving parts, it’s like a room that expands itself, I have to see the room from the outside and from the inside, If I put a light probe group to cache the light, then when I expand the scenario, the exterior light may affect the interior part of the scene that has been extended.
At the same time if I cache the light with the room already expanded, then the interior lighting will affect the exterior part of the room.

Is there any solution for this @Hypersomniac ?


There is no light cache over time for now. You can still try to manually recompute the lightcache between each frame via scripting but I’m not sure it works (haven’t tested).

But then the reason to use eevee goes away, because I can get similar times with Cycles if I have to re-bake the proves frame after frame, it takes several minutes to bake them.

A cache system could be great to enable animation in more complex ways :slight_smile:

Hi @JuanGea ,
Is this close to what you’re looking for?

Check this topic:

Script he created:

import bpy

scn =["Scene"]
com = bpy.ops.scenes
path = "C:/tmp/frame/frame_"
i = 0
for i in range (0,250):
	scn.frame_current = i
	scn.render.filepath = path + str(scn.frame_current)

What do you think about this @Hypersomniac ?


This is what Clement suggested.

The problem is that this removes the leverage Eevee has, because for complex scenes light baking take quite some time, and we could easily get similar times per frame with Cycles if we have to re-bake light cache at every frame :slight_smile:

May be a good solution for some situations, but what is really needed is some form of “adaptive baking” or “light cache” for the probes so we can bake GI along time in a fast way.

Thanks for the idea!