EEVEE final output speed

I wanted to make a thread for discussion about the issue of EEVEE being very slow with final output, as documented in these issues:

If I understand correctly lots of time is lost because the colormanagement is done on the CPU, which is, in my opinion, weird, because if I was chasing perfect quality, I wouldn’t be using EEVEE. There are probably other blockers / inefficiencies too, that make screencapturing viewport playback much faster than rendering out of Blender. Like 300 times faster.

This is a pretty severe issue and it breaks user expectations: why would something that I can playback in real time in my viewport take 30 mins to render? I think no one is expecting real time rendering, but I think something like a third of the viewport speed would be reasonable - and currently it’s far, far slower than that.

I hope that some other user might report their problems / where the current design is hindering them and that there is some exchange with developers about the roots of the issue and what can be done. Maybe this results in a design task being made with some concrete milestones.