Eevee depth of field: near objects do not bleed over focus area

as seen in the image below on the top left, in eevee’s depth of field near objects (orange) do not bleed over in focus objects(green).

instead (on bottom left), far objects (blue) can bleed into in focus objects (green), which is only really noticable when the far object is brighter.

cycles reference are the images on the right

one could assume that the z-test is inverted. can someone check if this is the case or if it is a side effect of the blurring algorythm.

either way, a closer approximation which allows close objects to blur over in focus objects would increase the dof quality substantial.
a jittered dof as mentioned here Problems with Depth of Field in EEVEE would also solve it.

experiencing the same problem. this is rendered with Eevee:

it seems that when there’s an object behind the object that’s supposed to be out of focus, this last one retains its sharp edge. when the blurred object has nothing behind it, it behaves properly.

Does anyone have ideas on how to fix this?

improved dof is on the to do list

although a jittered gound truth dof would be nicer imho