Editor Type Change - Cannot go diagonal with mouse - Menu closes itself

Hello Everyone !

First post here, I use to be very active on Blender Artist forum, and I was told to come here to ask about my issue.

My problem is that I use to go very quick with the mouse.
When I need to change Editor Type (for example Python Console) I cannot go diagonal with the mouse. Is was possible in 2.7 but no longer possible in 2.8, for some reasons.
Here is the problem explained :

Blender 2.79 : (OK :slight_smile: )


Blender 2.81 : (Non OK :frowning: )


A solution would be to allow the mouse to go out of the menu before re entering it.
It means being able to go above the red part, without closing the menu :


Here is a simple explanation of the current state :

See you :slight_smile: ++

PS : Are you used to do a “self presentation” post on this forum, or you don’t care ?

[EDIT] My post does not appear in News Feed :thinking: Is it because Paper Cuts Category is not in News ? Am I posting at the right place ?


The “news feed” is only for important stuff, the user feedback is not part of it.

And what you’re showing there is not an issue I think. Your mouse cursor is hovering over similar dropdown menus, so it’s expected that they will open.

I know, that is why I don’t consider this as a “bug”, for me it’s a coding choice that can be made by devs.
But here, that’s pretty much the only Menu which expands more Horizontally than Vertically, so it will remain annoying.

And by the way, that was the same for 2.79 and it worked perfectly, an exception must have been made in order to get it ok. So, why not doing it in 2.81, if it’s only better ? :pray: :pray: :pray:

See you :slight_smile: ++

No. In 2.79, that was the only dropdown menu in that area. In 2.8 there are more dropdown menus next to it, that’s why it’s easier to touch them by accident.

Or perhaps I forgot how it worked. lol.

Do you mean that View, Select, Add, Object are not drop down menus ? :thinking:


For me it’s clear that both are drop down menus, but a seperation between both have been made in 2.79

Blender call them some weird things, but usually they are two different UI elements.
The one to choose the editors type is mostly known as “Dropdown Menu” (blender call it just “Menu”, no idea why). The “View, Select, Add, etc” are the ones mostly known as “Menus” (blender call it “Pulldown”, again, not idea why).
So yep, they are and should be treated differently.

Yes it’s just some undifferentiated naming here.
But these both are not the same. For example when you open a drop down menu, you want to be able to switch to other drop down menus without further clicks as they are part of the same menu.
But you would not expect to open any drop down list too.
I really agree with ThinkingPolygons here. The behaviour itself is ok that way.

I understand that, I agree. I just disagre the “change”. A change as been done, specifically on the Editor Change, and, my problem is just : why ? :frowning:

Do you mean sometime you click on the Editor Change but Finally you would go in the View Menu ? :thinking:

Just tried it out and it seems I’m wrong. You can open a dropdownlist and switch to the menu drop down back and forth. Thats different to how I thought it would behave. So better let a dev explain that. I think they tried to make it faster, but this could be made more restrictive in my opinion.

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For me, solving the problem is just about one line of code in the UI.
I didn’t have a look on the code yet (I mean for this specific part of selecting Editor Type)

But I’ve coded some addons for my team, and If I had to reproduce this UI Bar, it’s just a matter of adding a split in the row just after the first Menu (Editor Change) and then adding other Menus in a rows (View, etc…) That way, we can’t go from a group to another, as far as I know…

See you :slight_smile: ++

And seriously, it’s very annoying. I wrote about it earlier in Blender UI paper cuts.