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Hi everyone.
I am new in blender, & I came from 3Ds MAx.
I like Blender & Layers Modifier!
But when you used one of the modifiers, you need to apply it in order to further work with the mesh.
For example:

  • You used the Subdivision modifier. And you want to continue working with the mesh at some level of subdivision.
  • To do this, you need to apply the Subdivision modifier, and only after that work with the Grid (Mesh).
  • The existence of such a modifier as Edit Poly (in 3Ds MAx) could greatly speed up and simplify the work!
  • In case of erroneous actions, you simply remove the Edit Poly modifier, and work with the previous modifier (like Subdivision), or add back Edit Poly in which you made mistakes.
  • This would speed up your work, and avoid a bunch of backups of the object you are working on.

P.S. It will be great to see such a modifier in the next updates!

Sincerely, Serhii.


Could you explain this tool behavior once you change a parameter of a modifier behind?

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@Serhii-Sirenko this is a development forum, not the proper place to do a feature request, you can do that in places like Right-Click Select — Blender Community

Also Building Blender is a sub-forum to compile Blender so this is not even related.

However to answer @BD3D and other curious interested people I’ll try to explain this in Blender terms, using some editing steps in an object, here is the Right Click Select post:


In order to work with Mesh after a subdivision, I need to apply a subdivided modifier.
And if you want to redo the mesh before the subdivision, you won’t be able to do that, unless you keep a million previous copies of the mesh …
It doesn’t matter what happens with the Edit Poly modifier after the change in the previous one. Rather, of course there is a meaning, but that’s another story.


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