Edge selection problem

Hello, there is the only one last thing that prevents me from finally switching my modelling to 2.8: broken edge selection (if compared to 2.7)
Here what I mean:
1) Visual problem
For some reason edges become too thick in edge selection mode. I get the Idea - some kind of visual fedback about what is now active in component selection list. But as for me it just add unnecesarry complexity - most of the time I use combined selection modes so I always see very thick wires and it makes very hard to look at and read topology on models with more than 20 faces.
Actually it was never a problem in prevous versions to select edges that are thin and as soon as we have color feedback I don’t understand why add thikness to it.
BUT I understand that is only my opinion - so is it possible to add option in user preferences (or in overlays) for it?

face mode - Nice clean edges easy to read:
vertex mode - ok, but I prefer even smaller vertices (maybe there is an option somewhere?)
edge or mixed mode - too thick

Or maybe there is already some option to disable this thickening somewhere in user prefs?

2) Selection problem:
Selection hotspots in multiselection mode now work worse than it was in 2.7 (and before)
Looks like this is just broken
in 2.7 I could easily select vertex even if edge is near. To select edge i need to move pointer comewhere near center of edge. This is very convinient

In 2.8 you need to move pointer 100% in that pixel that is occupied by vertex:
It makes modeling almost unusable for me.
Hope that is justy a bug and you will bring back 2.7 behaviour.
Maya suffers from this selection problem for ages and it was one of the (many )) ) reasons why I switched my modeling work to blender back in a days.


For 2), you can report bug.

Why is it selecting the edge? Are you using Vertex & Edge selection combined? It could be that there is a bug or issue with vert + edge selection in 2.8.

is it already possible for 2.8?

Yes in both examples. First gif is from 2.7 second one is from 2.8
Looks like bug for me too

Ok, yes I think I also saw this when combining vertex and edge selection. The edge selection essentially overrides the vertex selection - report it after beta.

Thank you.
what do you think about 1-st issue?
Maybe there is already some way to disable that edge thickening?
maybe add such an option after beta at least?

Just checked last build,
looks like multi-selection is fixed!

Thank you very much, guys!