Edge/face selection ¿any visual difference?

After several sessions testing the edit mode i came with this situation, i can’t distinguish the selection mode, unless i turn the edit mode in to xray, in solid mode i couldn’t find any visual clue besides looking the left top corner of the viewport, in practice miss clicks/selections very often, im not a particularly slow modeler(advertisement world speed its the rule), so stop to find a visual clue around the viewport dosn’t work for me in this case.

Vertex: Highlight the edges connected to selected ones and of course little big dots :+1:
Edge: simple edges in viewport clean easy to recognize :+1:
Face: same as edges??

Please consider bring back the dot for center faces and if you want to clean the view add a toogle or other way to clean the interface, unless there is another better solution.


Much cleaner face selection in 2.8, as I never liked the face dots. :wink:

However, there’s one thing I don’t like in the vertex/edge selection in blender, like if you select all the verts/edges of a model, it shows you like if it was face selection.

For a much cleaner representation of the selections, blender should display more or less like this:

All vertices selected:

All edges selected:

All faces selected:

And all would be fine…


when the elements are selected that looks kinda nice, but again, how do you difference when are not selected?, there is when the miss clicks and errors happend, trying to select

With nothing selected in 2.7

Vetex: are bigger
Edge: Clean
Face: Point

instant feedback on the model


I don’t get it…
When something is not selected it will look like something not selected as always…

I expect that facedots will go back. William told that it will be back. I think that remove it was an error.


when elements are not selected in edit mode, in 2.79 we know just looking at the model in wich element selection mode we are working therefore what we can select or move manipulate etc,

in 2.8 there is no difference between edge or face, no way to know looking at the mesh, in paper this post sounds silly or even dumb because there is an icon on the header the i can look up or i can look down the keyboard, in practice i don’t take that time to look up or down. During an six or eight hours modeling session there are better ways to spend that time.

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beliveme looking for the element mode you are in adds a lot of time at the en of the day

I do agree that current viewport is too low contrast in general.
look at this monkey, I mean it looks nice but we can barely see the shapes with this default lighting.

im not talking about shading, there are actually lot of options today to go around that, the defaults may not be the bests.
Im talking about edit mesh and things that as users we can’t edit, or do we? is there a switch for the center face dots?

They appear when you press Z but I dont know how usefull they are that way.

besides xray mode, i mean for solid mode

to be honest I think its a problem but not as big as others like performance for example.
I could give you a better answer of how I miss them but I couldn’t get to model anything with 2.8 (laggy viewport, Anoying new select-all shortcuts)

I agree, face dots - very, VERY need - for see the mode in which you are, quick and easy to see N-Gons or broken faces, or faces which can not be seen in other modes (edge, vertex modes). For peoples which dont like face dots - need create options, like “disable face dot”.

The option to show face centers has been added. In the overlays menu, pick “Center” under the “Mesh Edit Mode” heading.

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Thank a lot :slight_smile: