Easier and standarized nodes arrangement without keyboard

Arranging nodes in blender could be improved by adopting standard interaction scheme used in (possibly all) other nodal editors and all kinds of interfaces. I’m talking about border select and dragging multiple items at once.

In 2.79 we partially have that. RMB to border select, then LMB on empty space (tweak operator) for moving. Awkward to use but kinda works. In 2.8 border select is (thankfully) under LMB (and clicking on empty space deselect everything) but in order to move multiple nodes at once we have to use G-Key.

I propose to change behavior of click-and-drag on node to move all selected nodes at once, not just one under the cursor. Other nodal systems work like that, icons in operating system work like that. It will be faster and more intuitive for everyone.

@billrey do you agree with this?

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See https://developer.blender.org/T63994


I missed this one. Fantastic news! :slight_smile: