Dyntopo Detailing, new Manual option

Hi everyone! Recently this option caught my attention because I saw it on a ‘VS tweet’ from a developer.

When we choose this new(?) option you suppose to apply the value of resolution to the entire Object whenever you want only using Detail Flood Fill. Good, I need this when I don’t want dynamic topology working all the time. But, this is only new and useful if you could use it without the need to activate and deactivate Dyntopo all the time.

Let me explain.

We already can do this with the option Constant detail. This option works for these cases, we want the uniform detail but we want continue using dynamic topology, we want a remesh and don’t want dynamic topology anymore or we have a really big resolution and jump off Dyntopo to work in that way with the normal performance for sculpting.

Then, I like to ask for the ability to use the option Manual Detailing without the need to activate and deactivate Dyntopo. Direct from object mode. This way, I really think, we’ll have a real and useful new option here.


This is a design problem. Static remeshers should never live under the dyntopo panel, it makes no sense. This is just limiting what those tools can do.

At least in the sculpt mode features branch, the voxel remesher is in the right place (obj data), and that’s where all the static remeshers should live, so there are no limitations like this.

Hopefully they can fix it one day.

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