Dyntopo and its annoying everyday's popup

Most of the annoying things for sculptors that works with Dyntopo is the popup menu that shows each time you want to activate Dyntopo. I’m aware of the fact that new users may find this helpful (for the first time) like an usage warning, but for most sculptors that works almost everyday with it is something very annoying.

I propose 3 solutions:

  • First one: (Hard)
    To disable the popup permanently.

  • Second one: (Medium)
    Shows it at first time, but no more. Then, disable it.
    (Probably deleting UVs and other object info related to this problem that is no more useful due to activating dyntopo?)

  • Third one: (provided by @ThinkingPolygons) (Soft)
    To have a toggle in preferences window to disable this popup.
    To have a “never shows again” button over the same popup to be able to hide it for next times.

[EDIT] There are ways to not have this “problem” like: 1, uncheck UV generation (that is checked by default in all 3d primitives but is not much accesible in that closed menu in the corner that is not so visible, specially for new users)); or 2, remove UV data… and so on, but so much people is not aware about it and just want to sculpt. There are so much people having this “problem”, that is not a problem actually, is just a lack in convenient design for a nice UX. I hope this is more clear now.




This is something was against since it was implemented, My question is who is this serious artist/user who will use the primitives default UVmap after mesh manipulation? I think the second suggestion form the op should be the way to go if we want to keep those default UVmaps. Notify the user and deleted the UVmaps but don’t delete the Vgroup because dyntopo doesn’t totally destroy them and Vgroup is something that the user create willingly.

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