Dynamically adjust the range of number sliders


  • Number sliders are great, because you can just hold down the mouse button on them and move to see real-time results.
  • You can even hold down shift on them to fine tune the results (although this is greatly sabotaged by the fact that it jumps to the position where you initially held down the mouse on the slider).
  • However, in some setups where the Blender default was, say, 10, I ended up working in the 0.001 range.
  • This unfortunately renders the real-time feedback of the number sliders useless, because you are always working at one extreme end of it, and even a 1 pixel adjustment moves you out of range.


  • If the default of a number slider is 10 with a 1-100 range, and the user enter 0.001 for example, the range should automatically adjust to fit the new number comfortably in the center of the slider and also possibly adjust the order of magnitude of the range.

Now, this might possibly upset someone who want to quickly glance at a number slider to see if they are using a very high or very low number compared to what the Blender developers deemd to be “normal”, so perhaps “dynamic number slider ranges” should be an UI option.

(Note, this isn’t a revolutionary idea. Lots of other application use dynamic ranges on number sliders.)

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This is a great observation. I noticed this issue myself and the proposed solution would be very helpful.