DWG files support


Support for editing DWG files is very much in demand. Is it possible to make such a separate direction? All currently available programs for Linux are not suitable for this purpose.


Under Blender’s preference or User preference, go to Add-ons and find Import Export AutoCAD DXF Format. Click the empty box to turn in on.

Next save your DWG as DXF and import it.

@davis095382 I’m afraid that’s not a valid solution for what @Helg1980 is asking.

The problem is not being able to properly convert the DWG to DXF, and the ODA File Converter is not useful at all, it usually fails horribly.

Apart form that, there is no solution to properly work with DWG and Blender under Linux, at least that we know about.

No, conversion is not enough. We are talking about a full-fledged application for working with drawings.

Is it possible to create an application, possibly based on Blender, for working with dwg drawings? Since programs like LibreCAD and FreeCAD are not suitable for this purpose.

Then it’s not possible to import DWG to Blender