Duplicating objects

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but the search did not give me any results on this topic.
Can we make duplication of objects more convinient and fast?
Currently if i want to duplicate object I need to press shift+D, then press the axis, or shift+Z if I want to move it on the XY plane. If you need to duplicate 10 objects you need to pres 20 times… shift+d, shift+z ,shift+d, shift+z, shift+d, shift+z…
Can we have some modifier key that can be pressed while moving objects via gizmo to duplicate them? It’s Shift in some other softwares, but it’s already used in Blender for other purposes, so maybe it can be D key while moving with gizmo? or something else…
It makes life much more easier!

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Have you tried using SHIFT+R to duplicate the last action yet?

Having fine grain control during the duplication process actually works really well if you need to repeat that specific action.

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That’s literally one of the most important feature (workflow wise) missing in Blender. I remember requesting this feature sometime ago, but unfortunately no luck.

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Like Mantissa told you, use shift+R

Shift+D, Shift-Z, confirm transformation.

Shift+R to repeat, if you want 20 duplicates only need to press “R” 19 times

You can create thousand of duplicates in seconds.

I’ve been waiting for this feature since 2.5. Haha, I lost my hope already…

It’s useful if you need to make constant distance between all objects. But in this case I would rather use array instead. But ability to duplicate while moving is more convinient if you place your object randomly. It’s always good thing to make some imperfections. For example if you make fence, it’s good to place all planks by hands.
Or at least can we make an option so that after shift+d command we would not switch to move command? Because now I have my gizmo on and I can easily choose where do I want to move my objects, but when I press shift+d it’s dissapearing and I need to press different hotkeys to tell Blender where do I need to move it, istead of just move with gizmo.

If you cancel shift+D you only duplicate, but not move the object.

If you go to make a real fence you need to create all sticks and then move, rotate and scale to make it random.

There’s always random movement you can apply afterwards. I usually duplicate them first and offset them randomly after.