Duplicate Modifiers with Parameters/Settings to other Object

I have a character with clothings seperated in different objects to make editing easier.

I’ve come to an idea that it would be nice if you just could copy the modifiers with its setting or parameters and paste it to an other object. Maybe even select multiple or all modifers on an object and copy them to an other object at once. I know that some modifiers contain information that is bound to the object it was originally put on like the multiresolution for sculpting or the mesh deform modifier but i think at least at the basic settings that should work.

There is Ctrl+L > Modifiers to copy all modifiers from the active to selected objects. It’s not for individual modifiers though.

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Oh great. I didn’t know that existed. At least that solves my particular problem. But it would be still nice to just copy certain modifiers to another object.