Drivers to Unity/Unreal --- Development to the Next Level

Hello Guys,

I was working on a project - building high fidelity automotive prototype with Blender 2.80 and above. I start thinking how this can develop to something even more serious in future, cause currently I was able to bind all properties in a sequence of behaviors which made this prototype look very cool, and I love it.

Cool is in Blender because of 3 major things:

  1. It is real-time based
  2. It is fully adjustable
  3. It is property driven, high fidelity scenario
    However, now going forward, I see what can be improved there and it be basically related to Blender itself.

Simply using the drivers to showcase a product, behavior is fine. Going forward to build this as real part of a SW product this should be transformable data. For example now, IF my prototype was able to be imported with the drivers directly in Unity or Unreal Engine, or Godot - with open readable relations as in Blender, this would be really cool! It will gives, directly logical connection between objects/ shaders/ animations based on Driver property relation represented directly in Blender.

For this purpose I think Blender ADD-ON need to be build for any of the engines. All Drivers for
— Transformation — Rotation — Scales + basic BSDF material properties relation need to be translated to any for the GAME engines (Unity#C; Unreal -C++; or Godot )

Example: Unity already has constraints which might be able to replicate the functions of our Blender Drivers? What do you think???

Anybody, comments?
I will appreciate any feedback in that idea.

I don’t use Unity anymore, but I bet you can find similar stuff for it.