Draw method to Add cube in blender 2.92

In blender 2.92, the developers introduced a new mesh creation method called draw cube in which I want to add this method as an alternate.ezgif-5-df74de091885

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The tool is there, so what’s the issue?

I just saying that this alternate method could be given in the draw type option panel

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Oh you edited the post, now it’s more clear… Yeah, some might prefer this method…

It would be great a method for fast drawing of continuous segments where each segment can be a straight line or editable curves/arcs.

this can be done with bezier utilities tools. You will first draw the lines as curve object (Have option for 15 degree angle increment). then convert the curve to mesh.
If you don’t want to do these long step then buy Boxcutter, it is a ultimate solution. The box i drew in the above GIF is by using box cutter.