Don't Forget Custom Normals for final 2.8

I’d like to remember that it would be a shame if Blender2.8 came out and one of the main new features for game developers can’t be used because it doesn’t have a menu in the N-panel.

So I leave here this proposal so that it is possible to implement the custom normals before the interface of Blender is frozen, it is not going to be that we remain without being able to use this so important tool during months by a problem so easy to solve.

The main change in menus is that I remove “Set from faces” because give us the same result as “Reset”

@billrey @Howard_Trickey @ideasman42

Imagine that this in a subpanel called Custom Normals own, I forgot that detail with the hurry

The Normals workflow is being done for 2.80 - not exactly like in your image, but a set of improvements are on the way, yes.


Bump! This needs to be on 2.81!

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Yep, finally it don’t have any change in 2.80 final, when the panel was a easy way to solve it