Displaying Different Collections in Viewports in the Same Workspace

I’m trying to port my Blender Light Studio plugin to Blender 2.8 but currently there is a big feature missing (demo is below to clearly show what I mean): https://leomoon.com/downloads/plugins/blender-light-studio/

In 2.7x we had the small dots for layers. So we could display some layers in one 3D view and some other layers in another 3D view at the same time.

How do we display different collections in viewports in the same workspace in 2.80?


You can´t do it…

There’s a task for it here:


But it was deemed less important for now. Although personally I think it’s fairly essential - there are many use-cases where you might need to view different items in different viewports simultaneously.


I agree, it is somewhat important to unlink collections depending on the view (to not bog down playback, for example)

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A few use-cases where this feature really helps:

Character animation: Animate in a clean and simplified viewport while viewing the result in context in another viewport.

Modeling: View a single item in one viewport while seeing it in context in another viewport

Layout: View a collection in one viewport while seeing the instance in context in another view.