Disappearing 3D viewport axis when using transform hotkeys (2.8)

When you press a transform hotkey , several items on the upper viewport window, including the 3D axis disappear. Thus , if you forget to take a look at the current absolute orientation of your object, e.g to restrict transformation to a certain axis, you have to cancel, take a look at the axis and do it again.
You can call it a weakness of my personal workflow, but I‘d ask if anybody else would agree with me that this is a bit unconvenient.

Is there a comprehensible reason for this, is it just a ‚work in progress‘ thing, or is there a technical reason in coding for it ?

After pressing ‘g’ (or any ther transform hotkey):


Yeah, the status bar on top of the viewport is weird, I wish it wasn’t there, but what you mean by 3D cursor disappearing? It doesn’t here… :thinking:

Sorry that was a mistake, I wanted to say the “3D axis” (corrected that in my post)

Ah yeah, you’re right, this is quite problematic as it is now… That info should display elsewhere… Hiding UI elements to display it is really weird.

Do you think it’ll be changed in the beta, (or at least in the release version) ?

It’s always been this way, also in 2.7. The eventual solution to this will be to show the operator adjust panel already while transforming and show the values there, but this is unlikely to happen for the first 2.8 release.

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Hello @brecht , cant’ reproduce that. In 2.79, the 3d axis (called ‘mini axis’ in setup ) in the lower left corner was allwas visible, even during transformations. (I don’t mean the local axis of the object !) I wouldn’t have noticed, if this would’n be different behaviour. Maybe we are talking about different things ?!

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I’ve just trying out 2.8 beta, but the viewport mini axis still disappears when using the move, scale or rotate keyboard shortcuts. The problem is, if I want to constraint the operation, I cannot glance at the axis indicator to figure out the directions after I pressed the shortcut key.

Maybe the reason that the mini axes is part of the viewport header, and it disappears alongside the other buttons?

Yes I noticed it has‘nt changed. I‘m not sure wether @brecht understood me right. Well may be the guys are busy with other bugs which are more important. Maybe we have to wait some time and ask again when the release is out and it still ramains…

That’s kind of a problem for me too. I think it would be nicer to be able to see the axis all the time like in previous versions.

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In 2.7x Navigation gizmo aka 3d Viewport axis aka Viewport Manipulator stayed visible during transformations.

And You mentioned Tool Tweaking UI


Hello @brecht, as you can see there more people who complain about this behaviour of blender 2.8.
Are there any chances to improve this ? I know there are many tasks open and surely more important issues, but it would anyway be nice to get a response here that the problem has been recognized.

Yes, I can see how it’s different than 2.7, we would like to fix this still.


Thank you, good to know :slight_smile:

Any news on this?

At least keeping the world axis gizmo would be helpful. It is a visual reference for how your viewport is oriented in space that is always great to be able to see. Even more so when doing transformations!

Both sidebars, toolbars and tool options are still left on screen so removing the few tiny icons seems like such a minor visual cue. And losing the world axis is downright inconvenient.


It’s here but there is no estimate for when it will get fixed, maybe if more people ask for it then we’ll see it happen.

This should take care of it… (hopefully)

Isn’t that about the manipulator gizmo?
And not the world axis gizmo in the corner?

I actually prefer blender’s pressing W, E, R to go into transform mode. Even coming from maya (: But that is another matter

They all disappear together when transforming… Fix that, fix everything… :wink:

I have the same problem. I don’t know how it happened, but my x/y/z navigation in the upper right permanently and I don’t know how to get it back.