Disable Windows Border (Optional)

Just wondering if we could have the option to omit Blender’s border from Windows, especially as there is no current way to do this as of release 2.8.2 (other than the use of full-screen mode); It’s bulky and takes up too much screen space for its perceptive value… I’m sure many who work with multiple monitors would also find it quite useful. An image below depicts what I’m speaking about if it wasn’t detailed clearly enough in the main post


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I heard somewhere that it’s too much hassle to support it on various platforms. But it would be nice, all modern apps can do that.

That’s a common request btw.

You’re missing one important thing. This header is used to move the window, so the custom header must have a lot of empty space that can be easily grabbed without fear of hitting a button.

The window header only disappears when maximized, not when it’s restored.

I found that there are “Windowed”, “Borderless Windowed” and “Fullscreen” modes, but I still don’t see how it should work.

Do you just want (a) to hide the header/titlebar, or do you want (b) the minimize, maximize, close buttons to move inside the Blender?

If case (a), how will you close/minimize the window? If case (b), how will this work in additional windows like Render View or File Browser? Or if you “Toggle Fullscreen Area” and there is no main top-bar?

This is manual toggled in the menu, or this preference and works automatically?

Yea, like in web browsers and whatnot

and all the child windows would work the same when maximized

Depending on the implementation, manual or automatic would do just fine