Disable collections with hotkeys instead hide collections

With the new shorcuts to hide and show collections the user don’t have same freedom to work. In blender2.79 when you hide a layer, you can still hiding and showing objects without any problem, because visible layers don’t change. But in Blender2.8 with the new system, the user cannot unhide object without unhide all the collections of the scene, so the user lost flexibility to work. Could be better if user disable collections instead of hide it, because disable collections don’t change with alt+h, shift+H and H


yeah i was working a bit with 2.8 and came across this hide/unhide issue with collections.
when i want to work in a specific collection and want to unhide objects of that collection it will unhide all other collections.

so what is the collections design idea to handle this scenario? since this was one of the main strengths/ usability cases of “layers” i assume this must be something the designers have thought about, so im curious to hear how this will be implemented.

since there is a selection in the outliner which seems to be separated from object selection it might be used for this cause? not sure how that would feel.
or maybe there is some way to do this already which i am not aware of, so if you know a way please share it with us.

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the new collection system is undoubtedly an evolution … but this does not mean that the old quick method of visual feedback of the layers was not practical …

I hope that this solicitation can re-emerge a rethinking of the visual part of the layers … or to somehow keep a visual sorting system that “imitates” the old functionality of the layers

more generally I think that for the new blender 2.8 the part of “workflow speed” should be better re-evaluated, I believe that to favor a more standard and friendlier approach for the novices, we are sacrificing that well-organized immediacy that has always been characteristic of blender and this is bad.

I was playing around with the new grid icon in the outliner which controls if a collection is available in the viewport, so that is basicly doing the same as the layer functiinality i was missing.
I am a bit surpised that in several days nobody in the chat and even here could tell me this…
I think the icon really does nit reflect its use and might be the source of people not knowing what its used for. But i leave it with this since ive seen proposals for icon improvements in the outliner already.

In the latest versions of 2.8 that ability to disable collections seems to be gone. I agree that in 2.79 it was very useful to have separation between hiding/unhiding objects and collections being enabled and disabled. It would be great if this feature is somehow implemented once again.

You can disable collections, see the context menu