Different preferences for different workspaces

I’m sure many of you have used “Emulate 3 button mouse” option, if you’re using tablet for sculpting, this option is absolutely necessary to use pen normally in Blender.
However, when it comes to modelling and doing things how you were doing, things are getting different.
From there on, you can’t loop select with ALT + Left Click and you have to click twice to select the loop. Nothing much, if you think about it, but it really is annoying to get used to double clicking, while sometimes it takes more time to get back to the other loops and select it again and then double click to select all of them and etc. In a few words, it can make your head ache.
There are few other examples but let’s stop it here.

To fix this, I’m suggesting that our dear and strong, open-minded developers can make workspaces to have different preferences(Edit - Preferences). Now it applies globally to every workspace, anything you change, but like for the example with emulating 3 mouse buttons, it would be nice if you could exclude or include one option to work in only several workspaces that you choose. So when you’re in sculpt workspace, emulating 3 mouse buttons is active, while if you go to the other ones, it gets disabled.
I’m sure that it can have many more uses for other users too.
Now I’m not a developer or a programmer, I do not know how hard that will be to implement, but if it’s hard, I think that a easier fix for this kind of problem, would be to have an ability to add user preferences to quick favorites, will it be with the “Q” shortcut or a new shortcut for it.
But first option, in my opinion, will make users much more agile and save a few clicks.

Sorry for the broken English, hope to hear what community and developers think about this :slight_smile:

As the banner on top of every page says, this website shouldn’t be used for feature request, there are dedicated platforms for that:

For feature requests, please use rightclickselect.com. For questions about how to use Blender, ask on one of the community forums.

Lucky for you I can give a quick response though :wink:

Some kind of per-workspace overrides of UI settings was discussed when we came up with the initial workspace design. We never said that this shouldn’t be done, but at this point I don’t really see much of a need for it. At the very least there are no plans for it currently and it doesn’t seem important enough to justify the time it would take for it (it’s not an easy task).
What exists however are application templates, which are higher level than workspaces and support their own preferences. So you could set up separate templates for sculpting and other work, where you prefer different devices or hotkeys.

Another thing that was discussed back then was making Blender adopt better to different devices, and allowing easy customization for different devices (e.g. pen-tablet vs mouse). This never went far though.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t know that, will take that into account next time.

Wouldn’t it make it easier to just have an ability to add preference options to quick favorites? Must be much easier to implement too(again, I’m not a developer, but that surely sounds easier than implementing what I suggested initially above)

I found out that you also can’t use ALT + Click on modifiers and other things to quickly adjust same modifier/option for different objects… That is really a disaster, trying to find a workaround for this too, like with double click for loop select.

Thank you for your response, I’ll look into application templates.