Difference in pre-render times between 2.82a and 2.83

I noticed a severe difference in pre-render times for viewport rendering between different blender versions, see table and system specs below. All tested with The Junk shop demo scene, timed via phone stop watch so I guesstimate the marginal of error is around 0.5s (still well below the resulting differences).

The Junk Shop pre render times

2.81a init 2.81a tot 2.82a init 2.82a tot 2.83 init 2.83 tot 2.90.0 init 2.90.0 tot (9f7d84b656fb)
CUDA CPU 7.8s 25.3s 7.8s 13.9s 18.0s 23.1s 18.1s 23.3s
CUDA GPU (CPU+RTX) 8.0s 25.3s 8.2s 13.9s 18.6s 23.0s 18.1s 22.8s
CUDA GPU (Only RTX) 8.0s 13.9s 7.8s 13.7s 18.1s 23.0s 18.2s 22.9s
Optix 8.0s 10.7s 7.8s 10.5s 18.3s 19.6s 18.5s 19.5s

My specs are:
OS: Win 10
CPU: Ryzen 7
Graphics card: ROG STRIX RTX 2070 OC 8GB
Graphics driver: 442.92 (Latest studio driver afaik)

  • Is there any known difference in blender that should cause this differences?
  • Is there any setting or similar I should check for that could cause this?

Any possible help is very much appreciated! Cheers :slight_smile: