Denoising interpolation

I was wondering if there’s plans to implement denoising interpolation for better animation denoising.

Did you try the new temporal denoising in 3.1 ?
It should take care of most of the problems regarding denoising for animations.

Could you point to some cases where you would see room for improvements?

New temporal denoising? I was not aware of that. It looks like an OptiX, feature but I don’t have any Nvidia devices. I’m mostly hoping for the OpenImageDenoise feature to get it as that is cross-platform and makes it more suitable for render farms utilizing many hardware sets.

In regards to where OpenImageDenoise could stand to improve, it seems that when you have many parallel lines close together in your geometry, where there may be 3 or less pixels between parallel extruded geometry, it can lead to flickering. It can also struggle with very noisy renders.

Thats correct. Its only for Optix, missed to point that out, sry!
For OIDN your question is valid indeed - no temporal denoising I know of.

This doesnt answer your question but maybe it helps you in some other way:

Temporal denoising included