Denoise_animation operator

Does anyone know how the denoise_animation operator in cycles is going. I remember seeing a demo of in on Blender Today #49 way back in Feb of this year.

Is there any information on its progress or how to use it?

BTW, loving the new denoise node!


There’s no news on it. It was added since there was an immediate need for the Blender Institute, but it’s not a high priority at the moment.

Thanks for that…
It looked like a nice feature to have. Is there any place I can get the instructions for how to use it? I would really love to try it out, might help me with my archi vis animations.

Maybe this might help:
and this:

Thanks for the info there. Are there any instructions available on how to use it? I would love to give it a go.

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It’s an operator, docs are here: