Deferred addon loading?

Enabling addons adds SIGNIFICANT delays to Blender’s startup. It shows an empty unresponsive grey window, and this delay does not go away when I open another instance of Blender to load another file to work side-by-side. Every single time I open Blender, there is this significant delay with the empty grey window. I could remove almost all addons to reduce this delay, but then I lose the available useful features.

I am not smart enough to understand the current addon architecture details but is it really absolutely necessary to be like this? I mean, I have enabled quite a lot of addons, but for the most of them, I do not always use or, I do not use them right away after starting Blender.

The current addon architecture may be initialising everything before doing other thing in Blender, but can’t you add a new type of addon architecture, so that those addons written in the new architecture can be loaded when the user actually tries to use the feature for the first time or loaded in the background AFTER the Blender’s UI is shown up?