Default Blender installation polluted with addon bloat


Blender always went with the “quantity over quality” motto when it comes to bundled content. While it improved slightly with 2.8 (alternative bundled keymaps are less useless than they were, and the alternative bundled themes, while still ugly, at least reduced in quantity), the bundled addons are still a bit out of hand.

The main problem here that there are some stock addons that are really good and deserve attention, but they are drowning in a pile of often useless stuff. So any new user has really had time filtering through it all and finding actually useful addons. Here are some examples:

The 3D Navigation addon (1st on the list) is mostly outdated due to addition of these features to default blender UI. Moreover it randomly mashes in a few cursor editing tools, which have nothing to do with viewport navigation:

Store View addon 100% reliably crashes Blender when clicking the New Camera button and undoing:

Edit Mesh Tools addon is literally just a bunch pretty much randomly picked shortcuts to mostly already existing tools, just arranged in an odd UI that doesn’t align with Blender’s UI standards:

These are just a few quick examples of a few random addons I’ve tried. I really think Blender deserves review of bundled addons and remove unnecessary/deprecated ones so that the actually useful addons rise to the top.

The appropriate action would be to remove all the addons which aren’t enabled by default, and go through them one by one, and evaluate if they really bring so much added value to Blender that they deserve to be bundled with it. (People who rely on them should still be able to download them externally. Removing them from default Blender install doesn’t mean erasing them from the world).

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