Decimate modifier and other things short feedback

In 2.9 decimate modifier lost its factor slider. I personally was using it for retopology, specifically to control
the proportion of topology’s dencity. Its not really vital for retopo, but it helped, especially when the result of its work is not visible in weight paint mode, and you can’t monitor the decimated topology in real time as you edit it through the weight paint.

The new modifier panel is great, but its sad to see occasional functionality losses, like it was with height map baking, instead you have to go with workarounds with camera, and depth channel, which is a setback.

  • Suggestion for bevel modifier, when first applied it should have its default limit method set for angle not for none. Otherwise it creates perfomance issues when applied to a high dencity model.

Oh no, that’s really bad news! While updating the modifier layouts I was really scared I would drop a property from the layouts, so I tried to be really careful not to. But making so many changes in so many modifiers it’s hard to catch everything. And this wasn’t noticed through the alpha and beta versions. Anyways, you caught it, just a few days too late!

I made a patch to restore the factor slider here and proposed it for 2.90.1.

As for the bevel modifier defaults, I agree and I’d like it to happen for the next version. It’s also proposed here:


Thanks for the quick answer and your work! I had more suggestions on modifiers that I forgot to mention.

+There was a talk recently about booleans using collections, array modifier could benefit from it too actually. I tried to use it in creation of various foliage, the idea was to have different leaves going and rotating along the spline, but then I had to use multiple arrays with different empties’s angles to create an illusion of randomness.

+Is it possible to make an option for the curve modifier so it could treat seperate mesh topology as different objects with their own origin? When modeling objects with curve modifier like hanging bridges, or railways, or even foliage and trying to keep things procedural you have to go for compomise - editability at the cost of distorion.


Those seem like reasonable things to do, but they also verge more to the side of feature requests. The place for that is the second link I posted, rightclickselect. That way people can upvote it, etc…