DAZ Studio 4.20 to Blender - export/import issues

Greetings. I am having a hard time importing Daz studio figures in to Blender. For some reason, the textures and colors of the materials don’t xfer, and I completely lose the figure altogether, leaving on mud-colored clothes. I’ve tried a few tutorials and nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me out?


Use Diffeomorphic!


I do. :confused:

Still have the same issue. Someone suggested removing the bones, but that removed things like eyes, etc.

Admittedly, I am a new user but I have no idea what’s going on. I am creating characters in DAZ and attempting to upload them to Blender (and later, Mixamo) but despite having installed the Daz to Blender bridge multiple times to ensure all components were installed correctly, I can not seem to get it to work.

On the left is how she should appear. On the right is how she appears in Blender:


I have NO idea why or how to fix this. Anyone able to help? Cheers

Diffeomorphic is not a part of Blender development and this is not a community support forum but meant for development feedback. You should go to website for Diffeomorphic which has tutorials (Diffeomorphic: DAZ Importer Version 1.6) and you can also use its issues forum on its bitbucket: Bitbucket

Merged two topics about the same issue together.

But as @mrbl says, this forum is not the right place for this kind of support. The diffeomorphic issue tracker seems active: