Daylight system

I wonder that if the dev team consider to add some sort of daylight system (like in 3dsmax) for more specific coordinate and time based lighting or link sunlight and sky texture together somehow in cycles? I also looked through add ons, couldn’t find efficient one.
And for eevee, is sky texture going to work with it eventually?

I seem to recall there being an addon in the old 2.4x days to accomplish this type of stuff. I wonder if that is around somewhere still to be ported?

I suppose you are mentioning this one below.
Would it be hard to make it compatible with eevee or at least cycles 2.8 ? :slight_smile:

I think that’s the one! TBH, I have no idea what it would take to port it. You would need to get one of the coders to look into that sort of thing. I suspect it wouldn’t be too bad, however. After all, the hard work is already done (the math).

Might be worth double checking that it isn’t even already in Blender in a disabled state or so. I doubt it, but I would hate to send you off on a goose chase, only to find out that it was ported already :smiley:

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