Daily Windows build delay


I’m wondering why the current daily alpha build of Blender 2.83 is two days behind schedule. Is the build machine turned off, or is the Windows build script failing?



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I removed a folder from SVN which upset the update process on the buildbot, should be all good again now.



Is this what was removed?

svn: E160013: '/svnroot/bf-blender/!svn/rvr/62391/trunk/lib/win64_vc14' path not found
C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin\svn.exe --non-interactive update C:/blender-git/blender\..\lib\win64_vc14
Updating 'C:\blender-git\lib\win64_vc14':
svn: E160005: Target path '/trunk/lib/win64_vc14' does not exist

How do I do make update without getting this? Delete my win64_vc14 folder?

OK, I moved the win64_vc14 folder and it works again.

You can safely delete it, it is no longer used. it’s been replaced by the Win64_VC15 folder

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Hi @LazyDodo,

You’re probably already aware of this, but just to make sure: the buildbot page shows multiple failures again, and the last downloadable daily master build for 64-bit Windows is from March 7th.

Thanks for looking into this.

it was beyond my control, but sergey fixed it earlier today.

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Windows builds are out of luck lately. Last night didn’t happen. :frowning: