Cycles subsurface shader scale and RGB radius units value represent blender unit?

I think, I could understand how each value of Cycles SSS shader maywork.
but everytime I adjust RGB, to set radius, for scatter, I often feel undertain,
the unit is actually Meter?

as default RGB scatter radius (1, 1, 1) represent, each RGB component will scatter around 1 meter radius, when I set SSS scale I meter? (after all, scale (gloval scale) will be mulitpled though,)

And what sss shader property means, different from each shader language, then about blender cycles, the RGB value replesent maxiimum distance, which each R,G,B compoenet may scallter away? (not probability or ratio, on the point with distance from transmit point,)

There were already same question in web, but I have never find link, depveloper confirm about shader SSS property unit. So I hope to ask developers about Cycles shader more clear. (At current developer hard work for manuall thing, so I hope even though you can not take time to reply, add these detail infomation, for cycles SSS please,
at current shader guide is not so clear for me,

and of course there is SSS color, it seems simple, I often here, it is inner volume color, or inner skin color etc, But the color is “transmitted color” or, “translucency color” ?

The difference is, translucency color will be absorbed inner volume, when light path thorugh.

(eg some shader use “diffuse traslucency color” as filter color, witch start absorption in volume, then mix use with volume absorption, volume scatter shader, then “transmitted color” represent how each RGB will remain of translucency color to get SSS )

Then cycles Subsruface Color is explained as " Color of the surface, or physically speaking, “the probability that light is reflected for each wavelength.”
so it means, transmitted color inner volume? or simply I can think it as translucency color of the skin?