Cycles standalone - workloads and hybrid (GPU + CPU) rendering


I have a couple of questions on the cycles standalone renderer, would appreciate any help:

  1. The standalone comes with a few test examples (like scene_monkey, simple sphere, etc). I was wondering if it’s possible to get more complex demo workloads for the standalone? Are there any utilities to covert the demo .blend files to xml files that cycles standalone can render?

  2. Is it possible to do hybrid GPU + CPU rendering or use multiple OpenCL GPU devices using cycles standalone? The command line just takes a --device flag. How can I specify which OpenCL device to use (if the system has multiple GPUs) or to use CPU + GPU together?

Thanks much,

The standalone app really should be consider a tool for developers / debugging only at this point. There aren’t any more complex tests files or an exporter at the moment.

It’s not supported currently.

ok, thanks for the response.

I just (finally) discovered how to compile Cycles-Standalone and just as @gubs I am very curious to experiment with it. It is mainly because I hope Cycles Standalone is lightweight enough to easily load many thousands of objects, something that is my biggest pain in Blender where the import takes forever. Literally I had to kill Blender after one full day not being able to import my large scene.

  • It would be really awesome to have GPU + CPU available in the standalone renderer.

  • I will try to learn as much as possible from the examples and I will try to find the corresponding code to learn even more, but some sort of a consistent documentation, like for example Mitsuba has, would be really awesome and helpful!