Cycles Render Issues -Speed/Efficiency

I do not come from a CS or game dev degree background so bare with me.
I am rendering in AWS cloud on a Teradici cloud Linux VM
CPU: Intel i7 x16
GPU: TeslaT4 Gen3 16GB.
Both CPU and GPU are enabled to be able to be utilized. Blender v2.9.0.
I render in layers -> GPU utilization 26% avg / CPUs engaged 7/16 maxed. Also, I am only rendering statics, no animation whatsoever. Tried different tile sizes
For a single layer (about 20 wood columns) with one source of light it took over an hour.
What am I not getting? How can I improve my file/methods? In order to cut down render time .
I have attached some specs from the process!

The screenshot shows 18 tiles in total, divided over 16 CPU cores and 4 GPUs - that is 20 render devices for 18 tiles. You will not get full utilization that way.