Cycles OptiX shader Bevel and AO

Hi. In another forum was pointed out that finally OptiX shader raytracing is being implemented, which is great news!

Does anyone know if this will be also included in 2.83 LTS or only for future versions? I think this is such an important fix that it should be added to LTS also. My request is based on the opinion that in production environments LTS versions should be mostly used. Because of this limitation I haven’t been able to use OptiX with RTX card for over a year and I would think there are plenty of others with same reason being stuck with CUDA.

LTS receives only bug fixes, no new features. This will have to wait for the 2.93 LTS.

Thanks for the info… even though unfortunate for my own update plans, as it’s a long wait. Is the 2.93 LTS first version this is implemented or is it going to be in any non-LTS versions before that?
It has been implemented just a couple hours ago :slight_smile: so it is now in 2.92.


Good to know. Maybe I have to be brave and try daily build first time ever to make already some tests with long waited OptiX shader bevels.

The daily build download page has this great notice. :smile:

“ They can be unstable and mess up your files.”

Well if you backup your files you should be safe, no?

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The daily build ALWAYS has that notice.

In general it won’t do that at all, there may be some situations like when there was a huge development from 2.79 to 2.80, but so far we were always able to append things.

And in general we always were able to open a 2.9x file with 2.83 for example, so don’t fear so much, just test and if it works for you, you are good to go, if it crashes, just go back, that’s it.

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Sure. I didn’t mean that seriously, as I know the meaning. Now I’m intrigued to test how well it is working.

But in the end the possible instability is the reason why I’ve personally only used released versions. I’ve still been sticking with 2.83.x LTS, as that has been working well for me apart from not having latest features.

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Well 2.90 was a bit unstable, not sure why, but 2.91 it’s been great, and we’ve been working with it way before the release, and now we are using 2.92, pretty stable too, in general the development version is usually pretty stable, you can always use the beta versions when they are there.

In fact is better because if you find a bug and report it, devs have the possibility to fix it before the release :slight_smile:

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