Cycles low interactive performance

Hi, can anyone explain why transforming an object during interactive preview gives result after a second or more?
Cycles performance (default render settings):

and for comparison OctaneRender performance:

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Hi, can you add Blender version and system specs, please?
It highly depends on scene complexity in Cycles, this looks heavy using subdivide.
May you check simplify in render settings.
I use Octane for Blender too and it is blazing fast but with some small changes you can work with cycles flawless, too.

Cheers, mib
Intel i5 3570K 16 GB RAM
GTX 760 4 GB /Display card
RTX 2060

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I have four RTX 2080 GPUs and i7 8700k Intel CPU.
Enabling simplify helped quite bit, also using only on GPU that is not driving display also helped to make it more responsive. Start pixels was set to 256 px which also helped to make it more visible during transform.


The “why” is conceptually easy to know, but it’s not any less unfortunate right now since there’s nothing you can do about it – You can see in your first video that blender is re-calculating the mesh object data and scene BVH it needs each time you move the object (top left of video). Both are not trivial to do.

There’s some ongoing work to speed this up[1] but I haven’t personally tried out the patch so I can’t say what difference it will ultimately make.


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