Cycles GPU rendering

Hello. can i use AMD cpu and Nvidia gpu for cycles gpu rendering? or does it have to be the same (like intel cpu and nvidia gpu). Thank you for your answer.

In Cycles rendering you can combine any CPU with any GPU for rendering as long as they are in the same computer.

So yes, you can use an AMD CPU with a Nvidia GPU.

However, if you want to render with multiple GPUs, then Cycles currently only supports that if they are from the same vendor (this could change in the future). So two Nvidia GPUs will work, but one Nvidia GPU and one AMD GPU will not. Unless you render the scene using multiple instances of Blender, one for each vendor.

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Hello. In Cycles rendering, I could not activate GPU rendering and in the preferences > Systems menu I do not see Cycles Render devices option. I am using MacOs opereting system.
What I should do in order to enable GPU rendering?
Thank you for your answer

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GPU rendering on MacOS was removed in Blender 2.8 then re-added in 3.1. To enabled GPU rendering on MacOS, ensure that you’re using Blender 3.1 or newer. Testing 3.2 or 3.3 might also be useful. They can be found here: Blender Builds -

After that you need to make sure you are using MacOS version 12.3 or newer (12.2 is supported on some Macs, but 12.3 or newer has the best support)

And last, you need to make sure you have a supported Mac. At this current point in time that means you have either a Apple Silicon based Mac, or a Intel based Mac with an AMD GPU.