Cycles gpu memory usage

Hi folks,
Looking forward to use the new version of Blender!
I have searched a bit but couldn’t find a satisfying answer.
I am curious about if Blender 2.80 cycles gpu render use system memory when it run out of vram? If so, does it affect performance too much?
I will buy a new video card however can’t decide between Radeon VII or Rtx 2080. One has the advantage of 16 gb memory and the other has ray tracing. Does ray tracing become effective in Blender anytime soon?

get radeon. if u are looking for ray traceing this will probably not be implemented for longer time i would expect maybe 2020 but i would not bet that we will get it in 2019

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Cycles can use system memory when it runs out of VRAM, see here:

We plan to add hardware raytracing support to Cycles, but there is no known date for it yet.

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Oh thank you!
It says CUDA supports it though. Is amd/opencl rendering also able to do that?
Appreciate for your great work!

It should work automatically on AMD as well through the OpenCL driver, but it has not been tested much.

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