Cycles Final quality in viewport LOD

Could we have an additional toggle/percentage slider in Cycles for “Final Quality in Viewport”?

When working with a lot of instances or particles, sometimes it is necessary to lower the viewport amount of particles to have more fps for navigating.

If I want to see all the particles in cycles realtime rendering, I have to see also all 100% of the particles in the viewport, what makes it very laggy in some cases. (OpenGL and Cycles have to calculate and load the geometry and shaders twice I think.) Even when the instances are set to box, the performance drops.

If I could decrease the number of particles in the VP to maybe 10% I could navigate the VP much faster but could see the final result in cycles and tweak the shaders and light without pressing F12 and have to wait.

I know this could be set manually but with big scenes,
there are a lot of settings to tweak lower and higher all the time.
(20 individual particle systems for example)
With a toggle or even a slider, this would make some things much more comfortable.

-Finetune displacement
-See render resolution of subdivision surface
-Shade in max resolution of textures even when viewport texture size is limited
-See the behavior of a lot of instances in light and shape
-See the character hair with final quality

There is an interesting implementation of this in c4d.
Every generator in the scene is driven by this, even the resolution on curve and mesh subdivisions also the number of drawn instances.

I think some sort of viewport LOD slider could be beneficial for big scenes with a lot of modifiers and or instances in general.

Thanks for reading

Cheers Daniel

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