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NLM is already removed from 3.0.Personaly for me is big question why so?

This is test
And it is clear that now NLM do its job more accurate
This copy of my post from Cycles Request


@PetrTarasov @AndreasResch
NLM is not removed, it is simply not added at moment.
In the presentation paper it is up for discussion to add it again or reject it.

Cheers, mib

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If you denoise the render layers correctly in the compositor OIDN retains more detail than NLM and is more stable.

Ditch NLM pls.

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I agree. But it would be cool if all the passes mix 'n denoise were done under the hood instead of involving a whole node setup.

statix means the process of denoising all light passes and reconstructing the final image as in


here you want to place a denoise node after each pass (6) or, for performance’ sake, after each direct+indirect mix (3)


What lsscpp said, you want to denoise all the passes individually.

Some of our production shots we’re also doing denoises in other color spaces to force details to be retained. In comp we also often denoise and do transformations in Log-space to avoid/reduce filtering artifacts as some of the filter types can be quite harsh on float images.

The good thing about this approach is that you can even do things like subtly sharpen the albedo to squeeze even more “perceived” sharpness out of the renders.

In addition to spatial denoising we’re also emplying temporal denoising by using the vector pass to interpolate between 3 or 5 frames and conducting a median. That way we get very little noise and very stable denoising.


To do this job with OIDN user must have enough RAM on high res(4K,8K) image via compositor. Anyway NLM is not perfect but retain details better, have more options to control result.

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Blender 2.93 has OIDN version 1.3.0 which should give better results

Changes in v1.3.0:

  • Improved denoising quality
    • Improved sharpness of fine details / less blurriness
    • Fewer noisy artifacts
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Sorry, but as I dismissed with posted here I also opened new feedback for Cycles X.
Here recopied post:


As you know or not when we rendering image we can’t see estimated/remained render times? Are there any plans on to add this feature again?



I blindly say: of course!


Could we maybe see that in actual Blender nodes? Or at least label more clearly the mix types and such? I’ve been using a node group I found online for quite some time that I suspect is not ideal.

Subsurface scattering seems broken in Cycles-X, at least with denoising done in the compositor:

SSS at 0.03
Pool table_030

SSS set to 0.0
Pool table_031

If you have output set to RGBA instead of RGB, that black crap all ends up transparent right through to the checkerboard pattern (ignoring all objects in the scene).


Can you share your test scene with the options ?

Personally I never made any NLM render that wasn’t blurry without increasing size of render of around 400%.

It’s not the best case and not a real scenario but it clearly shows improvement over older OIDN, also shows that NLM is still sharper (but ugly on edges). Also OIDN was slowest from all methods.
Maybe there’s better and newer methods to denoise using the same techniques like NLM?

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Hi, Cycles-X use a different Optix denoiser, I cant remember where I read it but Nvidia provide more details with Optix 7.3.
Can you compare your file with it, please?
I use all denoisers, depends on the scene.

Cheers, mib

Denoising settings by default
Lightning just Env Background constant color
600 samples (Full Pic)
size is 4000&4000

Here it is. A simple version that you might want to further customize:

And a bonus tip that many don’t know: placing a dot in front of the nodegroup’s name makes it invisible. Useful to not overcrowd the nodegroup category when you add them via the menu


It should be temporary. I am sure it will be fixed. Its like a small bug or overlooked/forgotten part I guess.

I’ve just downloaded cycles X the other day and its amazingly fast. The main problem I have at the moment in that of storage. I’ve noticed blender has gone up to 5 or 6 gb and as a person with not very good storage its not the best. Ionly noticed this though when I was unusually low in storage which flagged the mac “your system has run out of storage” window so this might be normal. Another thing is that final render doesn’t work and only just shows transparency. I’m pretty sure this is a bug so i’ve filed in a bug report. Also when ever I render it does not update any change in samples, I have to save and close to update. Overall I am really excited for cycles x as I use Cycles a lot as Eevee can get quite laggy at times.