Cycles baking accuracy - should it be improved?

I am pointing on pixel accuracy here …

This is about an image-texture baked with cycles ,
applied as material using BSDF diffuse and normal input.
(here rendered using evee, but cycles shows the same effect)

I noticed some shading issue :
there is some black spot at the edge - it was expected to become silver-gray.
It is related to image-pixels.
Looking at the texture,
I found that the (baked) pixel margin had an unexpected normal color.
also, some pink pixel is in the area, that should be violet (see image).

Does this mean , that cycles needs more accuracy when baking textures ?
or maybe that the margin is extended with wrong normals or in wrong direction ?

here the shaded version:

some news here:
if I bake without modifiers (bevel + weighted-normals),
but then re-enable them on the baked model,
the result is better (see below).

does this mean, the bevel modifier destroys the baking procedure ? ?
(shading looked OK on the original model before baking - but was wrong on the baked model, with modif. enabled.)