Custom workspace issue

I’ve noticed that custom workspaces don’t get added to the add workspace panel, so it’s not possible to retain them if they’re removed the top row of workspace tabs. It would be handy if the dropdown shown in the image below could have a custom workspace sub menu, or better still multiple renamable custom sub menus, and a way to drag custom workspaces into them.

This menu is just reading startup.blend files from templates.

So, to add custom workspaces to this menu, you just have to save a .blend file that only contains those workspaces as a template.
Put this .blend file into a folder called “Custom”.
Then, rename this blend files as is “startup.blend”.
Make a zip archive of Custom folder.
Now, in Blender, click on blender logo in left corner of Topbar.
That opens a menu -> click on Install Application Template.
Pick archive.

Now, when you launch blender ; you should see in Add Workspace menu a Custom submenu containing all your custom workspaces.

Thanks for the reply. I’m more concerned with the user experience, I think it would be better if you could just add custom sub menus directly in the UI and then right click on a workspace and choose add to ‘list of workspace sub menus’. A bit like how favourites works on Chrome. Can you imagine if you had to carry out the procedure you mentioned every time you wanted to add a favourite in Chrome…it’d be like going back to IE in the1990’s :smiley:

Yes. Template installation is a little bit hidden.
But you don’t have to redo that, each time, you create a custom workspace.
As a data of .blend file, you can append a workspace from any .blend file into startup.blend file of a template and save template.

Maybe It could be possible to add template tweaking to this menu via a right click menu.

Yeah it would be nice if there was an option to save current as application template too. Handy if you want to have the same startup file but with different settings for preferences etc. For example if you want different settings for tutorials.