Curves and/or Splines to cut/trim in sculpt mode with depth

Atm. there is the line project, box trim and lasso trim tool for shaping. Here are some ideas to make them more flexible.

  1. Add more basic shapes like rectangles, circle and ellipses to trim
  2. Add cuves and/or splines as trimming tools.
  3. Let the trimming tool stay on the screen to reuse them… like pathes in photoshop
  4. Add vertex/controll points to them for adjustments
  5. Add a depth to the trimmer, so you can decide not to cut completly through the objects.
    5.1 Set a static depth to the tool
    5.2 Set the depth dynamically by dragging the mouse during the trimming

I can not register or log into since yesterday, see below. nor I found any other solution to contact the blender community. So I posted it here.

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